We have worked with the housing sector for around fifteen years and during this time we have worked on many consultation projects. The consultations have ranged from residents consultations, staff consultations and stock transfer proposals.

Stock Transfers

Stock transfers are the largest consultation projects and usually consist of a number of different publications and notifications going out to residents prior to the main consultation pack. We would normally mail these out, on behalf of the client, from a supplied residents database.

Leading up to the main proposal (consultation pack) clients often arrange forums and social events for the residents, for which we supply literature and large format print including banners, information boards and pop up stands. We can also arrange for the project manager from SPM to attend the forums and events if required.

The main proposal (consultation pack) would normally consist of the tenancy and leaseholder agreements and any appendices, an information documents, a reply paid envelope with a response form and of course the main offer document. We would normally collate all of the items together and send out in a sealed polythene bag with a personalised letter. It is common for tenants and leaseholders to have separate packs with different information.

Not only do we produce complete planning applications and consultation packs we also produce all kinds of print from leaflets, posters and brochures to residents magazines, booklets and folders. We also supply large format print in the form of banners, exhibition stands and hoardings.

Housing associations that we have produced consultations and general print for include The Hyde Group, Metropolitan Housing Trust, London & Quadrant, Presentation and Circle Housing.